Big Buddha Cheese - The Biggest, Baddest Daddy of Them All!

An amped-up, improved version of the ever-popular UK Cheese, Big Buddha Cheese is the baddest big daddy of them all! As the grand master of Cheese, Big Buddha has created strain after strain based on his signature masterpiece. Although we honestly believe Big Buddha Cheese is the absolute best weed of all times, who doesn't need to mix it up now and then?

Check Out These Great Big Buddha Cheese Hybrids!

LA Cheese - The Baby of the Cheese Family!

Leave it to Big Buddha to win a major cup with just about every new release! LA Cheese is fairly new, but it has already taken 3rd place as the best overall weed seed at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

  • Multi-Cup Winner - Connoisseur Quality!
  • LA Confidential X Big Buddha Cheese
  • 90% Indica - Dank, Potent & Totally Old-School!

This Indica-dominant strain combines Big Buddha Cheese's power with LA Confidential's intensity for rock-hard nuggs and wicked highs that just keep on coming. The flavour is classic UK Cheese meets spicy OG Kush!

Blue Cheese - The Star of the Family!

Blue Cheese is an extra-potent, high-yielding strain that adds Blueberry's sweetness to Cheese's classic flavour along with a very euphoric, happy high. We've heard smoker after smoker say this is one of the tastiest strains they've ever tried - and we agree!

  • Blueberry X Big Buddha Cheese
  • Very Up & Happy Highs
  • Intense Blueberry Flavour & Fruity, Cheesy Aromas

Another cup winner, Big Buddha's Blue Cheese took first place at the 19th High Times Cannabis Cup. It just doesn't get better than that!

Silver Cheese - An Even Sweeter Cheese!

New for 2012, Silver Cheese is predicted to be another crowd pleaser! This new hybrid sweetens up Cheese's more savory flavour with a tasty injection of classic Silver Haze. The high is up & happy much like Blue Cheese, but Silver B has a touch of stone to balance things out.

  • Super Silver Haze X Big Buddha Cheese
  • 75% Sativa/25% Indica - Soaring Highs & Crashing Stones!
  • Hazy, Kushy, Dank Flavours

Silver Cheese Feminized takes a little longer than the rest to finish due to the increase in classic Sativa genetics, but this kind of high is well worth the extra week or two! Have a little patience & this member of the Cheese family will reward you for it.

Cheese Dawg - The Top Dog of Cheese!

If you like couch-lock more than up & happy, take a ride on Big Buddha's Cheese Dawg Feminized! This mix of Chemdawg 91 and Big Buddha's Cheese is mostly Indica for deep physical stones that last all day long. You won't get much done, but you'll have a great time anyway!

  • Chemdawg 91 X Big Buddha Cheese
  • 75% Indica - Stoned to the Bone!
  • Fruity, Hashy, Chemical Flavours & Kushy, Cheesy Aromas

Cheese Dawg's chemical flavours sound a little nasty, but you'll be surprised at how good they really are. Try Cheese Dawg - we dare you!

Big Buddha's CHIESEL - Get Ready to Rev It Up!

This strain proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cheese tastes good with everything! CHIESEL tastes & smells like someone poured diesel fuel all over a big hunk of cheese. Again, it sounds gross, but it works.

  • God Bud X Big Buddha Cheese
  • A Potent Medicinal Strain
  • High Yields - A Real Gift from the Gods!

This mostly Indica mix is very stoned with a touch of euphoria and a delightful fruity, lavender flavour that'll make you feel like you died and went to heaven. The deep frankincense scent (no, we're not kidding) is pretty good, too!

We're not done yet, but that's all the time we have for now. Next time, we'll take a look at the rest of the family including Bubble Cheese, Freeze Cheese and the ever-popular Cheesy Dick.

Cheese Automatic - Pungent Goodness Just Got Easier & Faster!

Big Buddha finally got with the program and turned his signature Cheese into a fully autoflowering cannabis seed. It took four long years of experimentation and testing to get it just right, but this new Cheese was so worth it. Cheese Auto is dank by any standards, but it's through the roof compared to other AutoFems.

  • Big Buddha Cheese Automatic is New for 2012!
  • Fast & Vigorous from the Start - Less than 90 Days from Seed
  • Big Buddha Cheese Flavour in a Simple, Uncomplicated Package!

Big Buddha Cheese Automatic was just released to the public as of August 2012, and they're already shipping out in record numbers. Who knows how many the fat man decided to create on spec? Do yourself a favour - buy Cheese Auto while you can & take it easy for once.