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Big Buddha Cheese

Can you believe no one had snatched up this URL? Since it was just lying around doing nothing, I decided to put it to work as a monument to this bad-ass strain! Actually, I'd just like to learn more about Big Buddha Cheese before the next drought. So, if you've got something to say about growing, smoking or sharing this weed, don't be stingy - help a brotha' out! BTW check out my fave site how to grow marijuana. To get the ball rolling, I'll start off with what I already know. That should make the newbs drool and inspire the rest of you to pass the Dutchie! If Big Buddha Cheese isn’t your favourite brand then maybe you could try out Dutch Passion or White Label Seeds. Dinafem have a good offering too with their latest Dinafem Cheese

The First-Hand Scoop Straight from the Fat Man!

According to the breeder, Big Buddha Cheese cannabis seeds are a potent mix of Skunk #1 and Afghani Indica. After taking two years to get this blend just right, this new hybrid took 1st place at the 19th Cannabis Cup as the Best Indica, and it's now considered the UK's favourite weed.

If you've ever had a chance to try this shit, you know they got it right. You get all that old-school Skunk sex appeal with the stonking yields of Afghan. Here's the rest of the stats:

  • Indoor Timeframe - 7 to 9 Weeks
  • High/Stone - Uplifting, clear high with no ceiling in sight! Lasts forever!
  • Smell - Old-School, Pungent, Stinky Skunk - This is what weed is supposed to smell like!
  • Taste - Dank, Fruity, Sweet, Cheesy
  • THC - According to testing results shown at BudGenius, Big Buddha Cheese has 16.63% THC, 0.29% CBD and 0.11% CBN.
  • Medicinal Effects - Again, according to BudGenius, this hybrid is good for sleep, pain and appetite.

What Everyone Else Has to Say - The Net Reviews

It would be great if you could take the breeder's info as the gospel (in this case it's awful close), but nothing's better than some first-hand dirt from some real-life stoners. Here's some of what's floating around the web:

  • Lime green with short orange hairs, chunky cola in the middle, gloppy with resin.
  • Big Buddha Cheese has three or four different phenos - expect some differences, but they're all tasty in their own way.
  • The taste is definitely cheesy, but there's a little fruit in there too. One of a kind!
  • Harvest while the crystals are clear to keep the anxiety down.
  • Tight, dense nuggs with a light-green almost white colour from the crystals. Musty, cheese scent with a touch of sweetness. The overall high was spacey and a little trippy.

What Do You Have to Say?

Because the breeder is out to sell seeds and you can't trust anything you read on the net unless you know the dude, here's your chance to tell it like it is! If you want to give your opinion about this blaze, share some grow secrets or anything else about Big Buddha Cheese - let it fly! Everyone's listening!

Lazy Days & Peaceful Nights, Moe Cheese!